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Building obex-data-server

This document applies to obex-data-server versions 0.4.4 - current


Use standard Autotools building procedure:

make install

See configure options section for options you can use with configure.

Sample configure line to install with /usr prefix and enable debug:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-debug


glib (>=2.10.0)
dbus (>=1.0)
dbus-glib (>= 0.70)
BlueZ (>=3.34)
openobex (>=1.3)
ImageMagick (>=6.0.0) :!:since ods 0.4 (can be disabled with --enable-bip=no)
gdk-pixbuf (>=2.0) :!:since ods 0.4 (can be used instead of ImageMagick with --enable-bip=gdk-pixbuf)
libusb :!:since ods 0.4.3 (can be disabled with --disable-usb)

configure options

Option name Description
--enable-bip=[gdk-pixbuf | magick | auto | no] :!:since ods 0.4 auto by default. If auto is selected, ImageMagick is used as the default library for handling image operations, if not found, gdk-pixbuf is used. You can also specify which library you want to use or disable image operations (bear in mind that some BIP functions will not work)
--disable-usb :!:since ods 0.4.3 Disable USB support (USB interface discovery functions are disabled)
--with-dbus-dir=<dir> Specify different DBus root directory
--enable-system-config :!:Not to be used for default Desktop installations! If set, this will install DBus system config file (needed to run ods in System Bus). It also changes DBus service file so that ods starts in System Bus by default. This is only useful for custom ods use-cases where only one particular software uses ods. In desktop-type installations all applications expect ods to be on Session bus, hence this should not be used in most cases.
--enable-debug Include debugging symbols 1)
--enable-more-warnings Turn on more compiler warnings 2)
1) , 2) Turned on by default when code is checked out from subversion repository
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