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This page intends to be a place where you will find tips on how to make your code work better with obex-data-server


Don't open so many files

Python and dbus makes greats teams, but when it regards to working with ods it sometimes can do nasty things.

One of this things is that as long as you have 1 object listening for signals coming from dbus this object will never be freed so then the object will still be linked in ods, leading to huge memory consumptions and crashes in ods because it runs out of file descriptors.

One of the solutions to this is quite simple (but quite hard to figure out) is to register for that matches a certain object path, and not for signals right to that object. So for example if you want to listen too all TransferStarted signals from org.openobex.ServerSession you do something like this:

    def __transfer_started_cb(self, filename, local_path, size, path, *args):
        self.__sessions[path].__local_path = local_path'Session: %s file: %s' % (path , local_path))
    def StartServer(self):
                signal_name = 'TransferStarted',
                dbus_interface = 'org.openobex.ServerSession',
                path_keyword = 'path'

Where self.bus is the dbus bus connection, and __sessions is a table that holds a reference to each one of the files path you're expecting.

If you want to take a look at a complete running solution you can take a look at: AIRmessage

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