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Configuring obex-data-server

This document describes configuring of obex-data-server 0.4 and later versions.

Configuration files

Configuration files are usually located at /etc/obex-data-server (this might be different according to file system prefix you choose while building ods)

File Description
capability.xml Template for FTP capability object (x-obex/capability) served by FTP server
imaging_capabilities.xml Template for BIP Imaging capabilities object (x-bt/img-capabilities) served by BIP server

Configuration variables

There are several variables that can be included in otherwise static configuration files. Variable is defined using this syntax:

{$<variabe name>[|<variable options>]}

Examples of variables:


List of variables currently available:

Variable Description
{$ODS_VER} This is replaced with obex-data-server version in use
{$MEM_FREE|<path>} Replaced by free space on selected path. path argument is optional (if not specified, path of running server is used)
{$MEM_USED|<path>} Same as MEM_FREE, but provides used space on selected path.
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