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Reporting bugs for obex-data-server

There are generally two types of bugs for obex-data-server:

  • Crashers (when obex-data-server crashes with e.g. SEGFAULT) - you need backtrace and ods debug output to report this
  • Incorrect behaviour (when obex-data-server does smth not the way it's supposed to) - you need ods debug output to report this

To get proper backtraces and ods debug output, you need to rebuild ods with debug information:

./configure --enable-debug

To get backtrace when crash happens, run ods with gdb

gdb obex-data-server
(gdb) run -nd

And after the crash happens:

(gdb) bt

To get ods debug output, run obex-data-server manually (you might have to kill the one, that's already running):

killall obex-data-server
./obex-data-server --no-daemon
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