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-Salesmen that are in the field talking with prospective buyers and potential users, busy mothers and fathers who are keeping up with their tasks and doing online research while they’re on the go and buyers who're looking for services are all accessing the online marketplace by means of small to medium sized gadgets that they can carry inside their pockets and purses.+====== Project pages ====== 
 + [[obex-data-server]] - D-Bus service providing high-level OBEX client and server side functionality
-These people are in a big hurry and will need fast-loading online stores that feature everything needed, while not requiring them to tap images or content to ensure they large enough to view, or having to be concerned with whether or not their cell phone has the capability to run Flash online videos to look at data they’re needing to learn about. + [[weblancet]] - Effectivecomfortable and flexible content management system (CMS)
- +
-It will be crucial that website developers consider these kind of varied size displays into consideration when they create their sites. Or else, they'll miss out on a good sized portion of their possible market and give up business to their comptetitors. +
- +
-But if the web site was designed during the classic era and as a result hasn’t undergone an update since, in all probability it is intended for viewing on a traditional computer's desktop or note book. This may easily help to make your page content troublesome and even impossible for individuals to look at from a small-scale, lightweight device. To correct the problem of letting people look at internet site content exactly the same way on different models, site owners are frequently turning to the technique of responsive website development. +
- +
-What the heck is Responsive Web Site Design? +
- +
-Responsive [[| website design]] is basically an effective way to segregate elements on your webpage to ensure they can immediately change their overall size along with orientation based on specifically what device is utilised to look at the site. Therefore whenever you view a specific website on your personal computer at the office that has a large monitor, you can continue viewing it when you are outdoors employing your smartphone yet still get all the information you need. +
- +
-Here can find more info information relating to the general topic of [[| Internet Development Company]] and also other website development and development resources. +
- +
-Responsive website development is much more than making your site better to see on differing systems. Responsive  is good for search engine optimization (SEO.Internet search engine giant Google has indicated that it may be giving increased search engine rankings in mobile queries to websites that are mobile-friendly. +
- +
-But not only must your web site display promptly, it should display properly on the smart phone from where the query was produced in order for you to appear high in the search engine results displayed by sites that include Yahoo, Google and Bing. +
- +
-Institutions with web-sites that fail to apply responsive web page design could very well see less traffic, whilst their rivals that do make use of responsive design will be ready to witness a boost in traffic and take in a lot more purchasers. Prudent internet marketers will need to be sure they are making use of the entire power of the online marketplace by allowing potential clientele to successfully access their content, whatever item of equipment they use to visit the site.+
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